Our Solution

For Resellers (who have their own supply of bricks):

We offer an end-to-end IT solution which includes the following:

  • A white-labelled Mobile Application (iOS and Android) that allows your customer to submit any photo and turn it into a mosaic brick art, which is multi-language ready and has many other features.

  • A cloud-based electronic Assembly Instruction module 

The system includes a sophisticated cloud-based backend that performs Facial Recognition, Image Enhancement, and renders the photo into Mosaic.

Please see our partnership with Bricks World, a chain of LEGO-certified stores in Singapore.

For any other resellers:

We offer the above end-to-end IT solution as well as the supply of brick parts to allow the customer to assemble the physical Mosaic Arts, including special 3D Lenticular Mosaic Arts that shows two different mosaic arts when viewed from two different angles.

Contact us at solution@brickzle.com