3D Brick Art Portrait (48cm x 48cm)
3D Brick Art Portrait (48cm x 48cm)

3D Brick Art Portrait (48cm x 48cm)

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Turn your favorite photos into beautiful 48cm x 48cm 3D brick arts!

(Image shown here is for illustration purpose only and is not for sale)

Using special slope bricks, we can create impressive-looking 3D Brick Art which shows two different images when viewed from different angles!

See the video demo below...

Commemorate any events:

• Personal ones such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, child births, festivals, gatherings


• Corporate events such as company openings, product launches, a new company logo, promotions/retirements, or any marketing events

Capture and immortalize these unique moments in brick arts.

You will be able to upload any image in the members' area

Self-Assembly Required

We supply you with the based plates, colored 3D bricks and customized step-by-step, easy to follow self-assembly instructions so you can assemble your art portrait on your own.

Our Differentiation:

  • High Resolution
    • Each pixel can only be represented by one brick color. For our 3D brick art product, we provide you with high quality slope colored 3D bricks.
  • Affordability
    • We want everyone to be able to experience the joy of assembling, own and enjoy the beauty of a Brick Art. Hence we have kept our pricing low.
  • High-Quality Solution
    • We have a large inventory of colored bricks to re-produce your photo to the closest Mosaic rendition.
    • We incorporate sophisticated facial recognition algorithms to ensure the highest quality mosaic at the smallest possible size.
  • Ease of Use
    • Our Assembly Module* is designed to be usable even by a 5-year old child to assemble large Brick Arts. Your child will acquire many skillsets in the process.